Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Q & A With Our Tumbling Coaches

What do you like the most about working at MFA?

Tim Gant“The sense of community, comradeship, and family amongst all branches of MFA. Everyone speaks to each other, lends help when they can, and does their absolute best to keep everything organized and flowing smoothly.”

Allison Pulgarin“The kids bring life and light to the place and they’re the reason I love my job- it’s what I look forward to the most. “

When did you first start tumbling?

Diana Espin – “In total, I did gymnastics for 12 years, and for 7 of them I competed in all-around gymnastics.”

Navell Burse– “I started tumbling when I was 13, not in class though, but outside off of electrical boxes. I found out I was capable as soon as I hit high school (and) did gymnastics along with a lot of other sports.”

How do you make tumbling fun for the kids?

Aalyiah Washburn – “Incorporating something that makes them laugh or smile. If they are having a bad day, I will crack a joke to brighten their mood.”

Brittany Williams – “By not demanding perfection but celebrating hard work and effort!”

What advice would you give to a new tumbler at MFA?

TJ Langdon – “You’ll get every skill you want if you just stick with it.”